Planning Consultation


Planning Application

Ashfield Land intend on bringing forward proposals for a residential development on land north of Main Street, Fallin at and this consultation is intended to inform the community of our proposals.

A Proposal of Application Notice (Ref: PAN-2020-005) was submitted to Stirling Council in February 2020 and this signalled our intent to submit an application for planning permission.

However, our proposals are at an early stage of preparation and we are seeking the community’s initial feedback on the information presented as this will assist in the preparation of detailed plans for the site.

Planning Context

Planning Context

The land north of Main Street is currently allocated for the development of up to 400 new homes in the Stirling Council Local Development Plan. As well as supporting the principle of developing the land at Main Street for housing, the Council’s Local Development Plan also sets out a series of key criteria which development is expected to take account of.

Our proposals have been developed taking the Council’s Local Development Plan into account, with the aim of meeting the Council’s vision for the site, helping to meet housing need in the Council area.


Land Between Drypow and Alton Farmhouses, North of Main Street, Fallin

Site Plan
Site Plan


Placemaking-led Approach

Our ambition is to create a high-quality place in which a variety of family homes integrate positively with areas of publicly accessible open space, all of which respond to the key characteristics of the site. We want to embrace its natural qualities such as views towards the Ochil Hills, Stirling Castle, Wallace Monument, and its riverside setting.

Landscape and placemaking are significant drivers for the masterplan, in which the creation of multifunctional spaces provides significant amenity for residents but also acknowledge its setting by providing key spaces on its edges where the wider landscape can be appreciated.

Residential Street

Site Assessment

Technical and Contextual Considerations

A range of technical assessments have been undertaken which conclude that there are no technical constraints to development that cannot be appropriately mitigated. Furthermore, the site and contextual assessment has identified a number of opportunities to which the masterplan can positively respond.

Site Assessment


  • The site will be access from a single point off Main Street (A905).
  • There will be the opportunity for several points of pedestrian access around the site perimeter which will largely comprise of open space.
  • Building frontage to Main Street to activate the street and help create a gateway to the village.


  • 20m landscape buffer to be provided along the site’s eastern edge.
  • Minimum 20m landscape buffer to be provided alongside the River Forth.
  • Potential for significant area of natural open space set between Castle View and the River Forth at the northern edge of the site.


  • Views are afforded north towards the Ochil Hills.
  • Views are afforded north west towards Stirling Castle.
  • Views are afforded north north west towards the Wallace Monument.


  • The site lies in close proximity to the Firth of Forth Special Protection Area. A Phase 1 Ecological Assessment along with a Wintering Bird Survey has been undertaken which has determined that with the appropriate mitigation, residential development can be delivered on the site.

Flooding and Drainage

  • The site lies predominantly flat, falling just a few meters from south to north.
  • The site lies outwith the SEPA 1 in 200 years flood event.
  • A small watercourse flows with the eastern boundary and discharges into the River Forth.


  • A Core Path runs alongside the eastern boundary and bisects the site in an east-west direction through its northern section (along Castle View). This provides connections to adjoining residential areas and Fallin Primary School.The site also connects with the existing footpath network on Main Street where pedestrians can access the existing bus stops and other local facilities and services.


Development Parameters

The evaluation of site opportunities and constraints has informed a set of development parameters through which a masterplan can be developed.

Concept Plan


Open space within the proposed development is informed by the contextual and site assessment such that it seeks to incorporate and celebrate views north through the site towards the Ochil Hills as well as vistas towards Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument.

Key open spaces include the green spine, northern nature-rich open space, and wooded eastern edge.

Development Area

Development Extent

The developable area of the site is driven by views, landscape features, permeability, and legibility. Development to the north is contained by Castle View (core path) which creates a significant area of open space and reinforces the riverside setting.

Residential development is the single use on the site but will be supported by areas of accessible and high-quality open space.

Access & Movemnet

Access and Movement

A single vehicular access point is proposed off Main Street (A905).

A primary street forms a loop through the centre of the site. This provides access to a network of secondary streets and private drives. The primary street is traffic calmed through design interventions and the creation of social shared spaces at key points.

New path networks will connect across and through the site, connecting with the existing core path network as well as with Main Street.

Given that River Forth is tidal and conditions in and around the river’s edge can be a potential risk, we have not shown formal paths connecting to the river’s edge.

Urban Form

Urban Form

Perimeter residential blocks provide clear distinction between public and private space and create legible and permeable environments.

Feature buildings (defined by scale, detailing and materials) will emphasise spaces and routes, supporting the legibility of the Site.

Frontages will be emphasised along the primary streets, and all streets, spaces and paths will be overlooked.

Views and vistas aid legibility and connect the Site with its surroundings.


Indicative Masterplan

The masterplan will deliver approximately 400 new homes overall, comprising of a mixture of family homes and with 25% of these being affordable homes, in line with the Council’s policies. A first phase of development will be located close to Main Street and could deliver approximately 126 homes, likely to comprise 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes.

Next Steps

Subject to this consultation exercise and further discussions with Stirling Council and other stakeholders it is proposed to submit a planning application in July 2020. This planning application will include supporting information on a range of subjects, including transport, drainage, ground conditions, ecology, flooding and landscape impact.

The project design team will take into account of all comments made during this consultation event as the proposals are developed further. A report will be prepared on this consultation exercise which will be submitted to Stirling Council in support of the planning application.

We welcome your comments on our proposals and we look forward to receiving your feedback. Also, please remember that this is a pre application consultation and you will have an opportunity to make formal representations to Stirling Council once a planning application has been submitted.

Ask A Question

We welcome questions on this development, which will be submitted via email to our consultants. Our responses will begin on 8th June 2020, where we’ll reply to your email directly.

Our consultants will be available to “live chat” on this website on the 8th June from 3pm-7pm.

We hope to continue to be able to answer your questions via email, however there may be a delay in response after 8th June 2020.

Ask a Question

Feedback Questionnaire

We would welcome your feedback in relation to the proposals and seek any constrictive comments you may have with regards the proposed layout and the plans that the applicant has for the land.

We would seek comments to be submitted through the Feedback Questionnaire or via email ( by 19th June.

As noted above, the comments made are not being submitted to Stirling Council.  When the planning application is submitted, there will be an opportunity to submit formal representations in relation to the proposals.

Your feedback will be reviewed by North Planning and Development and may be reused in a Pre-Application Consultation Report and submitted to Stirling Council. Although any comments made to this consultation process may form part of a future planning application submission document, they will not be considered by Stirling Council as a formal representation to any future planning application. All members of the public and local stakeholders will have the opportunity to make formal representation once a planning application has been submitted.